Three Fringe Benefits of Using a Professional Driving Instructor

Learning to become the safest driver you can be is an important adventure that we all embark on at different points of our lives. Understanding that the relevant knowledge to be a safe and conscientious driver comes from a myriad of sources is equally as important as actually going out and receiving that information as well. You can learn the rules of the road and some driving statistics to scare you straight from books and your parents can teach you what they've learned from their experience, but the reality is that the best technical driving training can only come from a professional. [Read More]

What Kind of Benefits Can Senior Drivers Expect from Refresher Driving Lessons?

If you see a driving instructor's car making its way down the road, chances are the person they have learning behind the wheel is on the younger side. Plenty of people start learning to drive as soon as they can, but not taking any refresher courses can mean that you go without any kind of instruction right up into your old age. Of course, older drivers can be just as good or as bad as younger ones, and their decades of experience behind the wheel can certainly give them an edge. [Read More]